Smok Rolo Badge Gold Starter Kit

Everything you need to begin vaping immediately

Voted most aesthetic by hundreds of consumers, the Smok Rolo Badge is a renowned nic salt vape which is designed to last years without breaking. We have tested the build of this mod several times with drop tests and it has held up over very strenuous conditions. The starter pack includes:

  • Gold Rolo Badge
  • Device Instructions
  • Manufacturers Warranty
  • USB Charging Cable
  • 2 Coils
  • Cartridge Fill Bottle

How to claim your discount

Redeeming our coupon code is simple, the only instruction is to remember this coupon code: 20%offcart

When you use the coupon code, you’re going to receive 20% off your entire purchase order, so that means any nic salts you choose along with the mod are all discounted.

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