The State Of the Cannabis Industry

Trump has recently canned Jeff Sessions, and the country is rallying up for a cannabis boom which experts say will send the economy soaring with jobs and additional revenue. Along with the government attempting to regulate cannabis, several people which operate in the black market have already come out on Snapchat saying “Utah has legalized medical cannabis? Alright, the black market is going to explode.”

We’ve spoken with Bill Harris, a medical marijuana patient located in the suburbs of Las Vegas, Nevada, and he states, “The prices of cannabis at the dispensary are just too high, the people who own these shops are taking advantage of the restricted trade and marking up their prices way too high for me to afford. Now, I go through a private dealer and they somehow are able to give me prices which are much lower than the stores.”

Interesting People

The second purpose of this website is to provide our readers with a comprehensive understanding about the methods & technology by which mega corporations are leveraging to gain an unfair advantage upon societies around the globe.

We’ll be focusing on how corporations are heavily monetizing the cannabis legalization wave (and the unending tobacco wave) without actually selling cannabis products containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient that is still banned in many states in the USA.

Look for pipes that are trending online, on multiple stores.

There are hundreds of thousands of glass, metal, and silicone pipes to choose from. Look at the shelves inside of your shop. and you’ll notice that you don’t have enough room to fit every manufacturer’s goods.

So, there’s an easy solution for this that will save you a boat load of time. Search online for the most popular bongs, search social media platforms such as Pinterest, Instagram, Ali-Express, and Google.

You’ll begin to find a common trend and for some reason, the masses will like one design over another. It’s your job to continually test and conduct R&D to find the pieces that fit your audience.

Location, location, location. In the real estate game, the area where your property is located will increase or decrease the value of your asset depending on what’s around it. Scope around the area which you want your store to be. Are there abundant amounts of people in the area already, or does it appear to be an abandoned area?

Second, branding. You should have a logo that people will remember after they leave. Something that makes your shop appear unique.

Marketing, Advertising, Connecting

When your headshop is complete and ready for customers to walk in, you’re part way to having a successful business. Next up, advertising. This one may get tricky in this industry because of the restrictions which major advertising platforms place upon headshops and smoke shops can be crippling. Business owners must be creative with their methods of advertising. There is virtually no pay-per-click advertising methods, so you must focus on organic online channels like growing a social media following, or search engine optimization.

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