SEO For Head Shops & Smoke Shops is dead

99% of all companies who attempt to perform search engine optimization actually harm their chances of gaining progress in with Search Engines. The quick rankings you hear on advertisements are aimed at showing you some ‘ninja trick’ discovered by a guru which hasn’t been taught before.

Methods to scare web masters are being created day by day. The so-called new algorithm changes in Google are virtually non-existent. In fact, over the last 4 years we’ve been monitoring popular search engines, 1 out of every 99 released algorithms actually cause a change in the search results.

You see, Yahoo, Google and Bing have very stable business models. They’ve found a practical way to filter through websites and judge them based on hundreds of different variables that will never be officially released to the public. Behind the scenes, the companies who own the search engines release patents to that are publicly viewable which allow people to virtually learn this information and use it to their advantage over all the other people in the world.

The results? Breathtaking. Large corporations collecting in hundreds of millions of dollars a year are hiring experts which have a proven track record when it comes to detecting the algorithms and making it work to their personal advantage. Leads and business worth millions are collected for a fraction of their return every day. No wonder search engine optimization is a multi-billion dollar industry and continues to grow as countries over the planet catch up to the digital evolution which has been happening in the USA and several other countries around the globe.

How Does SEO Evolve?

As webmasters continue to find quick-fixes and bugs in Google’s system, the creators make tweaks to circumvent the bugs. A loop-hole strategy in this industry will cause much more pain than gain. We’ve tracked webmasters and their websites who have introduced themselves behind the scenes to us in 2016. Fast forward into 2018, and their websites are penalized after they’ve invested hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars into so-called SEO agencies.

How Does SEO Work?

SEO works when the invisible programs which tech companies create to gather information on the public facing web called ‘bots’ collect information from your website and submit the information into their analytical, computer learning system which outputs a trust score based on unknown factors.

How Do You Learn SEO?

SEO is learned by trial and error. Secret methods are transferred from person to person in groups which do not advertise themselves on the public web. To be a master, you must be initiated into one of these groups and prove you have the proper genetics which enable you to virtually feel what the programs are doing, even before they output a result.