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The adventure continues

Trapped in a glass pipe, the super star seems to be reaching toward a skull piece laying on the ground. Perhaps this symbolizes the impending doom right around the corner. Does he realize the beast is about to open his mouth and attempt to consume his leg while he remains breathing, helplessly trapped inside the jaws of the monster?

Trapped In Space Bong

After the mad scientist had mastered space travel, he zoomed over to the robot which was frozen shut on the icy planet of neptune.

The Age Of The Robot

The key is breathing in space without running out of oxygen, the only other figure capable of withstanding the emptiness of outerspace travel is the robot which needs no air.

Life is Death

In fact, oxygen is the ingredient which corrodes the robot’s metal without his consent. Thus, humanity grabs hold onto the backs of the unconscious robots, programmed to do the will of the master.

Time Space Is Simulated

Without the conscious eye, the simulation ceases to play forward to the observer. The observer is also the creator of the aligned particles interpreted by the organism trapped within a space time reality. Zooming in, the particles eagerly await their chance to reveal a part of themselves, then vanish away in an instant to a far off land.

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