Are These Not The Most Outstanding Dabbing Torches?

The Latest And Greatest Torches For Dabbing

Over the past few years, dabbing has grown into an increasingly popular and nearly mainstream way to use marijuana. Although it’s not quite ready to take over for the most traditional and popular routes for getting high, more and more veteran users appreciate the way dabbing offers fast and effective results.

Both first-time dabbers and seasoned regulars need to understand that the process has certain requirements when it comes to equipment. Having access to an effective torch is practically a necessity. Want to find out why and take a look at some of the best torch options for 2019? Just read on!

Dabbing Explained

Dabbing is a way you can get a fast-acting and hard-hitting high from marijuana. It’s particularly useful for patients seeking to unlock the medical effects of cannabis quickly. We have a responsibility to note that dabbing marijuana carries specific risks. In order to minimize these risks, you need to use clean, reliable equipment and do so properly.

Dabbing gets its name from the ‘dab,’ the concentrated dose of marijuana at the heart of the process. For dabbing use, marijuana is processed, extracted, and concentrated down to an oil. This retains the plant’s THC, CBD, and other cannabinoid compounds. The extracted oil is also called shatter or wax. Chemically, dabs are extracted with carbon dioxide or butane.

You need to heat cannabis concentrate to a very high temperature to release the vapor which is inhaled when you dab. The mixture is most often placed on a conductive surface like a nail. The heat has to come from a torch.

Is A Torch An Absolute Necessity?

Dabbing requires a heat source, so it’s natural for you to turn at first to the sources you already have. “Couldn’t I just heat up this nail with my lighter?” you might ask. While a low-intensity heat source is technically usable, you’ll be limiting the effectiveness, safety, and speed of the process significantly.

You need to heat your nail to over one hundred degrees to dab properly. An ordinary cigarette lighter will take ages to get the job done, and it’s likely that you’ll end up with cramped hands and a less enjoyable experience.

A proper torch makes it much easier to hit the temperature you’re looking for. Additionally, using a torch enables you to reach specific temperatures when required. The overall result is safer, more convenient, more enjoyable dabbing.

Features A Dabbing Torch Needs!

Just like traditional kinds of smoking, personal preference plays a large role in picking your equipment and learning to use it. Everyone who dabs will develop their own priorities as they gain experience.

If you’re relatively new on the dabbing scene, some guidance on the most important factors to consider when choosing a torch will help.


You’re looking to get your nail up to an effective temperature quickly and evenly. That means you need a torch with a solid, reliable flame. This is the key advantage a torch has over an ordinary lighter.

If you have the budget and the interest, you can actually buy a torch that lets you adjust the size and power of its flame. This is one of the reasons comparison shopping is a good idea.

Above all else, your torch’s flame needs to be powerful enough to heat a dab properly. If you can’t get it hot enough, your experience will be unsatisfactory.


Are you going to be doing all of your dabbing at home, or do your plans call for something more portable? The size of the torch that’s right for you depends strongly on where and how you’re going to use it.

For convenient home use, you can find relatively huge torches that offer easy hands-free use for stationary dabbing. For more mobile dabbing, you can find compact, travel-friendly designs. Just remember that the smaller the torch, the less fuel it will carry.

The key question to ask is, how often will you be taking your torch on the road, and how often do you want to have to refill it?


Reliability and durability are particularly important if you’re planning to dab on the move. When you’re outdoors or traveling, you need to be confident that your torch will light up the first time, every time. Wherever and however you dab, solid safety features and a long nozzle are much-appreciated features in a torch.

Finally, of course, there’s also the matter of aesthetics. Some folks don’t care how their torch looks; some folks want something flashy and impressive. There are models out there that cater to both tastes.

Highest Rated Dab Torches Of 2019

Newport Cigar Torch – Under $40 Shop

  • Up to 130 minutes of flame.
  • Hold at any angle.
  • Refill with butane.
  • Self Ignition


Higher Standards Blazer Big Shot Torch. Under $100 – Shop

  • Press The Ignition Button To Start
  • Hottest Dab Flame (2500 degrees!)
  • Adjustable Flame Intensity
  • 35 Minutes Of Life at Full Force!
  • Special Edition

Blazer Big Buddy Torch – View

  • Works at virtually any angle.
  • 60 minutes of 2500 degree flame!
  • Lightweight, and affordable.
  • Great for dabbing!


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