How can CBD enhance your workout routine?

Cannabidiol, abbreviated CBD, is a non-psychoactive compound derived from the cannabis plant and is one of hundreds of different cannabinoids present in marijuana. However, the compound itself can be obtained from the traditional marijuana plant itself or industrial hemp. While there is some stigma surrounding the use of cannabidiol, the compound is legal in most states at higher potencies and legal in all 50 states at lower potencies.

Apart from the many medical uses research suggests cannabidiol possesses, the compound can also be used by those who don’t have present ailments. A good example, but is one that isn’t discussed enough, is using CBD as a supplement to boost your workout. CBD contains some properties that have proven to be ideal and quite effective at encouraging users to work out more often or for simply making workouts more bearable and comfortable.

If you want to discover some of the ways that cannabidiol can help boost your work out, then read on.

1. Minimizes Inflammation

While it’s healthy for muscles to break down a little for the inflammation process to kick in so that they can be rebuilt into much stronger versions, excessive inflammation, brought about by poor form or overexertion, could lead to decreased workout performance, injuries and lots of pain. For people who train on a regular basis, nothing can be more debilitating than having to take breaks from training because of injuries.

Studies have shown that cannabidiol can be very useful when it comes to reducing inflammation and pain, two very welcome results for athletes who are concerned about the complications of injuries. A lot of athletes already swear by CBD when it comes to improved workout performance and claim that it helps diminish the body’s likelihood of breaking down muscles and other tissues and inspires greater muscle growth, because the natural stress hormones are a catalyst to muscle breakdown.

2. Reduce Workout Anxiety

It’s easy to get anxious about the endless possibilities of living in today’s world or feeling stressed because there are too many things that you need to accomplish within a very limited time frame. About 40 million Americans suffer from one type of anxiety disorder or the other. While being diagnosed with anxiety disorder isn’t that widespread, it’s normal for us humans to experience a level of anxiety or worry, and this feeling can become physical, making it hard for us to carry on with our day. And if at some point of your day you have to work out, then this can become quite burdensome too. However, for those deeply involved in a fitness regimen, pre-workout anxiety could appear due to some reasons. Some aren’t sure if they can handle the intensity of a workout, while others simply want to reach new targets but aren’t sure about the outcome.

And while it’s good to be active if you’re feeling worried or stressed out muscle movement increases the feel-good hormone, dopamine, in our brain, likely improving our mood, and for some people, even getting to a gym can be very challenging.

Anxiety is one of those medical conditions that have been widely researched within the CBD world, and most studies suggest that the compound is quite effective when it comes to managing the condition. With fewer uncertainties circling your brain needlessly, it becomes much easier to focus on a workout and to enter an active state of mind with a sense of calm, CBD is something that just might help unlock the burning fire within to unleash inner strength.

3. Promotes Sleep For Enhanced Muscle Recovery

Just like remaining calm during stressful days can be hard, so is going to bed at decent hours and with a content state of mind. Letting the brain run wild the moment you lay down is easy; after all, our brain is a thinking machine. So it is vital that you calm your mind and get enough sleep since how well we sleep at night plays a crucial role in how well we’ll function the next day. We all understand how it feels in the morning after a good night’s sleep and after a night of tossing and turning. When you haven’t slept well, chances are you won’t wake up feeling refreshes since your body didn’t get enough time to rest, heal and regenerate.

Working out can look like an exhausting task for people who’re tired or fatigued, increasing their chances of skipping out on training because their bodies or minds are not well rested. According to statistics, about 70 million Americans have insomnia, a disorder that affects how one sleeps and which leaves those it affects completely worn out.

CBD can be of assistance, and this fact is becoming clearer because of science. Various studies have shown that CBD might be the solution we’ve all be waiting for when it comes to curbing sleeplessness. Taking high-grade CBD during the evening or before bed could boost your workout indirectly since it may help you sleep better, improving alertness the next day. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead of you.

4. Increases Concentration to Improve Your Exercise

Life can be so hectic, and that’s the case for most people, most of the time. Because of this, it becomes hard to find time to work out in the course of the week, and if they can, they are just too worn out by their daily activities. It’s easier to let self-care routines feel like chores, but they don’t have to. Concentrating and focusing on the things you need to do through the course of a day may sound simple, but the thought alone can be very challenging. And the fact that about 4 to 5% of Americans are diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, further adds to the complications of not being able to focus and getting your to-do list done with.

In times when waking up each morning, managing to get everything that needs to be worked on done and actually having free time and the energy to spend doing other things other than relaxing at home, finding time to hit the may not seem that grueling. Sadly, though, this is something that only a few people can manage since most of us tend to procrastinate a lot or take on more than we can handle. To top it off, life loves to throw some curve balls at us, further complicating things.

Interestingly though, cannabidiol could act as a substance that aids motivate people to hit the gym. Some studies have shown that it improves focus. While focus is something that hasn’t been that heavily researched on concerning its relationship with cannabidiol, the way that CBD interacts with those who’ve been diagnosed with ADHD or ADD has been studied. One prevalent ADHD/ADD symptom is an inability to concentrate; that means the even though a very small percentage of our population suffers from this condition, a lot of people around the world suffer from the same, albeit on a smaller scale.

So, anytime you feel like the stresses of life are overwhelming you and are having a hard time getting things done, consider taking some CBD before heading out to face the day. Do not worry, as long as the CBD products you get are from a reputable source; you won’t get high. Yes, you can go to work, get your assignments done and still make time to work out without spending an entire fitness routine just thinking about tasks you still haven’t finished.

5. Relax stressed or strained post-workout muscles and joints

One of the most unwelcome things about working out the awful pain you experience after your work out sessions also known as muscle soreness. When utilizing different parts of your body rigorously, you’re actually breaking down those muscle fibers a bit so they can regenerate and become much stronger. This is what helps us reach our health, strength, and appearance goals, albeit being a very painful process.

Apart from consumable CBD oils and tinctures, topical CBD-based salves, gels, or creams can also help soothe sore, stressed and strained post-workout muscles and joints. Some fitness buffs swear by cannabidiol because they believe it makes the growth experience more bearable, especially after demanding workout sessions. For those who don’t feel comfortable consuming CBD, topical products can be used to administer relief without having to commit to ingesting the compound.

Final Thoughts:

While CBD (Cannabidiol) may not be the best workout solution for all people, there are tons of accounts that describe this organic compound’s capacity to improve focus, concentration and motivation, while playing a role in helping you enjoy a good night’s sleep and in soothing strained, inflamed or tense post-workout muscles and joints.

If any of these possibilities appeal to you, then it could be beneficial to give cannabidiol a trial run. There are little-to-no side effects with CBD, and known medical uses are rather widespread. So, even in the event, you find this cannabinoid not to be your cup of tea, there is little lost and definitely, no harm done.

We hope that this article was not only entertaining but was also informative and educational. It’s vital to remember cannabis consumption is solely the responsibility of the user, and some discretion should always be taken.

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