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Smoked Glass

A new exclusive line of smoking pipes has recently been released. Named ‘Smoked Glass’ we think it resembles the dark blue smoky look, and with a beautiful stripe of gold running across the glass giving the aesthetics  a pleasing boost, we have to say that we’re very pleased at the new line.

Featuring a steamroller, bubbler, bong, taster, and hand pipe, you have virtually any smoking accessory you prefer at your finger tips. This line is normally expensive, because its from Bob Marley, of course. So we have found a great coupon code for you to use on this fresh release.

Rise Up

“Rise UP’ and face your fears. Look your challenges in the eye and dominate them. Keep moving forward in the Jamaican way like Bob teaches, and all your dreams will become achievable. After you obtain any piece of this ‘Rise Up’ line, you’ll have a constant reminder that you can win! You can do great things!

Redemption Instructions

Coupon Code: Bob


Discount: 20% off


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