Affordable Heady Glass

The Bee Hive


  • Drizzling Honey
  • Glass Bees
  • Honey Bot Bowl
  • Portable ~5.5″ Tall

These forest bees produce large amount of honey. The bears around town love to dip their paws in this golden forest liquid and lick their chops before the sugar enters their blood stream. Now, the bear is under the influence of the golden sauce.


There is a reason why the bees of the forest defend this with their lives. Inside each mouthful of honey may contain the essence of the hive.

Heady Glass Creators

People say an idea is turned into reality it it is a vibrational harmony to the time space reality it occurs in.

The Legends

The atoms line up in a specific way which emits the healing energy around the radius of 10.5 feet of the user.

The Sea Speaks

Sea urchins have called this sea shell its home. Now you must tend to their every need, and without food, then they will perish. Now these are frozen in a time space reality where they need no food, for they are an inanimate representation which could match a moving figure in your imagination.

How Did The Idea Occur?

The underwater world is responsible to the first image of this seashell, because without the discovery of this real occurrence in the ocean, the chances of the idea of this heady glass pipe existing could remain uncreated for eternity.

Red Sea Shell

Glimmering on the bottom of the ocean floor, the ancient ones seem to be the first ones who have invented sea pipe.

A Rare Glass Appears

Created from a shell of a rare species of crab, the inside is hollowed out and filled with a material which transports the user’s mind into an image of Atlantis.

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