Web Design for Head shops & Smoke Shops

The Old Way Doesn't Work anymore

If you’ve ever created a website, or had a website created for you before 2018 then you should keep reading on. The old way doesn’t work anymore and we’ll explain why following our advice is going to dramatically change the way you operate your online assets, because your understanding around how the back-end of the internet is operating is going to expand.

There are 3 things that your website should have.

  1. Schema Code

  2. A decent UX

  3. Optimized Search Engine Signals

Without these three bullet points active on your site, you’ll possibly never be eligible to rank highly in Google.

Finding the right server

There are thousands of people who will try to sell you online website hosting. Servers and computer languages to facilitate for the device line the hallways in colleges all around the world. It would take you thousands of hours and hundreds of hours dissecting computer languages and compilers for your to build one from scratch. Building a website from total scratch may be great for a seasoned programmer who has had proper instruction, but for the average business owner or marketing manager, this is not the option which will save you the most time.