Remember, We’re in a War

by Rachael Anne Fajardo

Yesterday I broke down and worked out with my boyfriend. My main aversion to working out with him is that he likes to watch TV and run on the treadmill whereas I like to listen to tinkly waterfalls and do yoga. My secondary aversion is that not only does he watch TV, he watches FOX News.

I quickly discovered that if your intent is to get a cardiovascular workout, watching The O’Reilly Factor is actually a good way to get your blood pumping. O’Reilly had a retired Navy guy on his show as a consultant of sorts to discuss the bombing of a wedding party in Afghanistan. Instead of apologizing for the civilian deaths, the old man rolled his eyes and said “we are in a war,” and that “they should have known better.”

In my furious incredulity, I was pedaling so hard on the stationary bike that my feet slipped off the pedals. My concentration broken, I glanced at the condensed news updates scrolling by on the bottom of the television screen. Good news! No terrorist attacks are expected July fourth (not that FOX News gave any warnings about September eleventh). After this happy revelation, the text commanded watchers to enjoy themselves and leave the worrying to the legal enforcement and protection professionals.

There is bad news, however. You really shouldn’t light any fireworks. We are in a war, after all. Look what happened to the aforementioned Afghani wedding party who blissfully engaged in a nonviolent, non-threatening tradition. If any group of Americans were to engage in similar actions, such as sending large, multiple, brightly colored explosives into the sky, an attack on them would be equally justified as the July first attack on Kakarak.

So please, don’t worry about war or terrorism or big bad Bin Laden on Thursday. Leave that to the professionals. And don’t light any fireworks. You should know better.

July 3, 2001

Rachael Anne is a psychology student at Florida State University