Medicali Glass Bongs

Who Is This Company?

There is actually little known about Medical glass items even though they have been on sale for at least a decade. What is known is that the company uses German borosilicate glass to create their glass bongs and all of them are created in-house.

Of the products they make, the 12 Arm Bong is the most popular. As the name suggests, this Medicali glass bong is a 12-arm tree perc. The bong does a great job of breaking down some and cooling the vapors which are created by your dry herbs. The glass slide bowl measures 18.8mm and has a useful handle.

Unique Featuers

One of the best things is that there is no carb hole that you need to worry about so the bubbles are smooth and clean. The base of the product is both stable and wide which is ideal for clumsy users. There is also a smooth layback tube that ensures you are comfortable throughout your sessions. Of course, the piece is expensive at $379, but it is also worth investing in if you want to treat yourself.

Cheap Medicali Glass Bongs

Not all of the Medicali glass bongs come with a high price tag. The small 5-inch Layback Bubbler is one of the more affordable ones at less than $60. This is a portable bong that is very simple to use and will provide amazing hits for the small price.

The 18-inch straight bong is another simple and effective offering from the brand and comes with an ice catcher. The straight design has no percolator, but still provides extremely smooth hits. It comes with a 4-inch base making it very durable and with the price tag of $140 it is a bargain.

Medicali Honeycomb Perc Bongs

If you want a honeycomb percolator, you should look at the 6-inch pyramid sidecar. This bong also has one of the most unique designs. It comes with an angled neck for use in any position on the sofa and the bubbler’s size and shape ensures that it is easy to hold. The large percolator will guarantee a smooth pull every hit and the bong offers value for money with a cost of $170.

Final Thoughts

While there are no Medicali glass bongs that top lists, the brand is one that you should consider. The smoothness of the pulls and the overall quality makes their products a good buy. Medicali also has a large range of other products such as rigs, beakers, and accessories. This company can become your one stop shop for all of your weed needs.

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