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  • Inspired by Burning Man
  • Pro Natural Psychedelic
  • Fractal-like

Wise men throughout the ages used psychedelic substances to bring themselves closer to a trance-like state in order to communicate with energies which reside in other vibrational states. Our minds may be used to channel energy in the form of thought, or ideas. If the energy is properly activated in the brain, then action or a chemical response may be the result of these possible electronically transmitted frequencies within our universe.

Psychedelic Quantum Reality

These ideas may be hard at first to realize, though if you keep working in this way, then you’ll realize that the Law Of Attraction may be activated based on Nature’s Laws. Quantum physics brings us closer to realizing the true nature of reality. Looks may be deceiving, and scientists have discovered electrons may vanish into thin air and reappear in another place, also tethered electrons somehow communicate instantaneously which is faster than the speed of light.

Chong’s Choice


  • Green Smoke Design
  • Smoking Cooling Mechanism
  • Smoke Filtration

The only choice you should consider during some reasoning points in your life is Chong’s Choice. See, Mr. Chong has made it very far in his life as an activist in the Cannabis Industry. Imagine you’re him back when virtually every state was against Cannabis. Imagine the trials this legend went through, and how victorious he feels now that he has his own legal brand of cannabis? Great work, Mr Chimmy Chong.

Mahogany Genius Pipe

  • Wooden Design
  • Limited Edition
  • Foresty Vibes

The mahogany tree is an evolution from ancient trees dating back to the prehistoric times. Legends say this is the tree which communicates with the living being around it. Now, take the design which was inspired by Chong when he was deep in the forest, meditating.


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