Dragon Ball Pipes

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Glowing In The Dark, Virtually Un-Forgettable.

“A masterpiece,” the artisan proclaimed, as he took a quick glance at the vivid colors of the glass dragon which Daniel perched slowly in front of his eyes. “Where did you find this?”

Daniel, Wielder Of The Dragon Pipe

Daniel explained he found this for sale from a group of glass blowers, who’s skill was unsurpassed in their village. People from all around gathered around the bright colored dragon as it shone deep as it soaked in the sun’s rays.

Legend Of The Dragon

The legends of the dragon have been told for ages, and people often tell us how an ancient group of humans may have lived side by side a now extinct form of scaled bird resembling a dinosaur.

The Pipe’s Hidden Meaning

Think about this, there is a creature right now which is able to produce an amount of electricity so great in voltage that it knocked a human onto his back after he touched the harmless looking eel. Does “Electric Eel” ring a bell? Now if a creature is able to produce a large static shock by mastering one of nature’s most powerful elements, then how could a creature in the past not have mastered flame?

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Images First Found At: Odyssey Online

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