CBD Oil for Dogs

“My dog is in pain, what do I do?”

CBD has been documented on several medical trials for successfully relieving pain, as well as even managing symptoms of anxiety. CBD oil has taken the world by storm and made a name for itself in the holistic world of medicine. And, its healing properties are more so quite hard to ignore.

As such, it shouldn’t be too long before professionals start researching the effects on our beloved furry companions. As our article progresses, we are more than happy to say that continued studies are however proving that the use of CBD oil on dogs is something more than worth exploring. CBD will not only be able to calm your dog’s anxiety but it will also be able to administer its beneficial healing properties in the same way that is does humans.

Is Cannabidiol Really For Dogs?

Simply put CBD oil is a liquified substance that is distilled from the plant known as cannabis. Cannabidiol frequently known as CBD oil is an all-natural, purely non-toxic substance, and it is only now finally beginning to gain the attention that it deserves. In addition, due to its proven healing capabilities and potential, it can even benefit our furry companions. And, CBD oil is now beginning to spread like wild fire in conversations amongst dog lovers as a means of easing their pet’s illnesses, pain and even anxiety.

With all the commotion featured around CBD oil, we think that there are several things that doggy parents should know and we hope that we can clear up any misunderstandings. The most common question asked is “will my dog get high?” well the answer to that is a simple no, if you give your dog the right kind of CBD oil. And as we go on, we will go into the details of why not. In addition, CBD oil is now legal in all states, as we progress, we will let you know everything that you need to!

CBD Oil For Dogs

In the somewhat distant but near future, CBD oil for humans and CBD oil for dogs are going to be a must have in the homes of everyone, and presently, it still strongly captivates the attention of many. Perhaps you’re wondering if CBD oil is weed? Is it going to send my dog into a loopy daze? How can I even dream of giving my pup a cannabis oil?

Let’s firstly tackle the most anticipated question of them all, so stay with us as we shed some light on why thousands of others just like you are now turning to CBD oil instead of the common alternatives. We’ll try to keep this as short, sweet and simple as we can. And, we can guarantee that you will finally learn about all the mystical qualities that CBD oil has on your beloved furry friends.

Cannabis And It’s Two Species

For a simple illustration, we can think of cannabis as being like an umbrella term that folks use for the two species. Cannabis has been known to be made up of over 100 unique cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavenoids. When it comes to the Cannabis Sativa L plant, there are two general species.

  1. The species of cannabis called “marijuana, cannabis, pot or ganja” is the kind with medium to high levels of THC which is well known for the psychoactive properties experienced by the consumer, and it doesn’t matter if the consumer is a canine or a human. As long as there’s an endocannabinoid system present, then the effects of cannabis will be felt virtually every time.
  2. The species of cannabis named “Hemp, Hemp CBD or Industrial Hemp” is the species which is federally regulated and the THC of this cannabis strain must stay below .3%, or else the farmers grow operation is at a very high risk of being seized by the federal government.

There are a number of common visual similarities in both the marijuana plant and the hemp plant, and they can look nearly the same. So its up to 3rd party laboratories to confirm the chemical makeup of each batch of CBD products released to the public.

If Hemp Still Contains Small Amounts of Psychoactive Properties, Is It Still Good For My Dog?

Answer: Never do you want to give your pet THC. So be aware there are different types of CBD Hemp Oil, and although the labels are similar, there may still be THC inside. So here’s a tip that you will not want to ever forget.

To remain clear of THC in your CBD products, NEVER choose “Full Spectrum CBD” for full spectrum implies there are all of the cannabinoids, including THC inside. So it would be wise for you as a canine mommy or daddy to choose broad spectrum CBD or CBD Isolate based products.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD?

A broad spectrum CBD product is designed to maintain up to all 100 naturally occuring cannabinoids, and eliminate the THC. Currently most cannabis plants will contain either large amounts of THC or CBD, and the rest of the cannabinoids are quite trace, meaning there’s not a lot of them there, yet. There are plant geneticists who are working ’round the clock to produce a plant strain with high amounts of the rare cannabinoids, because no one is 100% sure what benefits they provide yet.

What CBD Should I Give To My Dog?

As far as dog friendly CBD oil is concerned, ensure there is no THC inside. To summarize which is the best type to give to your dog, either an isolate based or a broad spectrum based.

What Happens If I Give My Dog THC?

Have you ever seen someone smoke a huge joint and look dazed, and lacks motor skills to some degree, and has a hard time paying attention or remembering a current conversation? If you haven’t then you may enjoy taking a THC ‘dab’ with someone just so you know what happens.

Now, if you already know what happens to humans when they take THC, its even more potent with canines, because their body size is so very small. So in effect, THC could send them into a high for multiple days.


Is CBD Hemp Oil Toxic?

Answer: It could be! If you get the CBD from the wrong source, there could be heavy metals, pesticides, or residual solvents which are definitely toxic.

Avoid toxicity by choosing a supplier who is transparent with their products, and who can supply a certificate of analysis from a 3rd party laboratory which tests for toxic materials.

The farm bill was recently signed, thus making hemp derived cannabidiol legal in 50 states, however each state will have their own system of regulation and registration. To ensure your products are legitimate, then check to see if their products are registered by their respective state.


Health Benefits

The benefits as it applies to dogs are in many ways can be compared to that of humans. CBD may boost the immune system and it goes on to prevent a range of illnesses while promoting your overall body wellness. Therefore, CBD is known and widely considered as being a truly magical plant.

Managing Anxiety

In the world of research and continued study, CBD is used for treating all levels of stress and anxiety. Previously, veterinarians prescribed several medications to deal and combat your dog’s anxiety which came from a number of fears and stresses alike that also came from common separation anxiety. As a result of this new development, dog owners can now relax as they choose a new alternative all-natural method to alter the moods of their furry friend. When administered in the correct amounts, your dogs can reap the full benefits of CBD oil. It promotes their best carefree version of their playful loving self, and owners can relax since they no longer need to worry about the harmful effects of previously prescribed medications.

Dealing With A Pet Owners Own Anxiety

We have focused on dogs so far, and while this article is mainly focused on your furry friends, it would be more than silly to not have mentioned the true benefits as they apply to us humans. So, if you haven’t truly looked into the benefits of using CBD oil on yourself, be sure to research, you will be surprised.

The main benefits of CBD oil as it applies to humans are as follows:

  • Using CBD oil significantly reduces the effects of anxiety as it applies to anxiety disorders
  • It reduces stress
  • Helps for those who suffer with PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Used as a treatment for disorders associated around panic
  • Reduces the anxiety that most of us get as a result of public speaking

Hemp Seed Oil For Pet Owners

Owners should aim to look into oil for themselves and not only their pets. The following are the nutritional value which comes from indulging in the superfood known as hempseed:

  • Source for amino acids
  • Increased fiber in your diet
  • Provides Omega 6, Omega 3 and fatty acids
  • Added minerals and vitamins

Even though a significant amount of CBD doesn’t really come from hemp seed oil, you should still check it out. A healthy dog is the result of a strong an healthy owner, so, you should definitely take care of yourself.

CBD Oil And Pain

Due to countless studies, CBD has been proven in clinical trials to reduce the effects and manage pain in both you and your dogs. As such, professionals are now looking into CBD oil as being a new drug for chronic pain reliever. The following the benefits of CBD as it applies to pain:

  1. Eases the inflammation that is associated with severe pancreatitis
  2. Significantly reduces inflammation in the intestine
  3. Neuropathy pain is reduced
  4. Pain as a result of nerves are reduced
  5. The inflammation due to oxidative stress is also significantly decreased
  6. Reduces inflammation pain


How Can CBD Oil Be Used For Treating Epilepsy And Seizures In Dogs?

Previous studies have indicated that up to 5% of dogs suffer from some type of seizure. However, due to improvements in research, CBD oil has been extremely effective when it comes to treating both seizures and epilepsy. Isn’t this great news? You no longer have to spend hours and worry about the conventional methods of treatment that have other harmful effects on your dogs.

Commonly used seizure medications are potassium bromide and phenobarbital. And while these are effective, they also do worse along with the good, they damage your dog’s liver and other organs alike. In other words, this goes on to bring on damage which cannot be reversed. In addition, most times when drugs are administered, there is not guarantee that they will work at all.

In many cases where conventional methods have not worked for relieving seizures, CBD oil surely has! And get this, it was 100% effective in even dogs who were untreatable by previous methods that used potassium bromide and phenobarbital.

Combating Cancer With CBD Oil?

Numerous studies have already indicated that not only CBD but other vital compounds which are found in both hemp and cannabis has an exceptional ability to prevent the growth of cancer cells and it has an anti-tumor effect. We’re sure you’re surprised but also wondering how can cancer be fought with a herb. Well, here’s how its done!

  • The body’s homeostasis is fully supported by CBD
  • Homeostasis of course supports the body’s immune system and stops the growth and formation of cancer-causing cells
  • The compounds found in CBD blocks the energy from cancer cells, as such, growth is stopped
  • When it comes to dogs that need to face radiation and chemo, CBD increases the success rate and gives added support to your dogs immune system

Boosting Appetite And Reducing Nausea

Just like humans, when dogs undergo radiation and chemo, they suffer several side effects. These being, nausea and a significant decrease in their appetite. And, while dealing with these hardships, your dog’s immune system can be weakened, this is the last thing that you would need especially when battling something like cancer. CBD oil has worked wonders as it reduces your dog’s nausea while increasing appetite and it boosts and strengthens their immune system in a time to much need.

Using CBD Oil For The Prevention Of Colitis And Inflammatory Bowel Disease

CBD hemp oil works wonders again as it restores gut motility. And it has been confirmed that it helps to ease the initial symptoms of an inflamed bowel in those who have already been diagnosed. And, it aids in preventing the disease in dogs who have yet to developed the condition but have some form of progressive colitis.

In addition, CBD hemp oil also helps to repair all of your furry friends inflamed organs, and it doesn’t bring on any other reactions like that of traditional treatments.

Autoimmune Disease And Chronic Inflammation Reduction

Autoimmune and chronic inflammation in dogs and their owners are greatly reduced with the proper use of CBD hemp oil. Hypersensitivity due to inflammatory cytokines and even allergies are reduced in your dog’s when you adminisiter CBD oil.

Cardiovascular Health Support

If you’re still in doubt, have no fear because we’ve got another great use of CBD hemp oil. Hemp oil has been known and proven to support the health of your dog’s heart. The following are ways by which a healthy heart is promoted:

  • Reduces high heart rates and blood pressure due to stress and anxiety
  • Protects blood vessels and arteries
  • Significantly reduces the harm caused by already damaged blood vessels
  • Decreases suffering due to an irregular heart rate.

How To Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

When it comes to administering CBD to your dogs, this can be easily done with the use of a dropper, and it may more than likely be given with your CBD hemp oil. CBD hemp oil is usually given in an oral manner according to the recommended dosage. It should be noted that you should not in any way increase the dosage unless stated by your veterinarian. As such, the dropper can be used to administer the oil right into the dog’s mouth.

Several owners thus far have stated that their dogs don’t fuss about the taste of CBD hemp oil. However, if you have a really fussy eater, you might just have some problems. So, try mixing the CBD oil into their food.

Where To Buy CBD Oil For Dogs

Now that you’ve seen the wonders of CBD for dogs, you’re probably thinking and wondering where can you purchase this miracle oil. Well, you don’t have to look further because Honest Paws puts health first!

Honest Paws produces the highest quality of CBD on the market for dogs right now. And, it is the prime choice for all your CBD needs. Your dog puts his complete trust in you and now you can do the same and put your trust in Honest Paws!

Our research has shown that CBD hemp oil is perfectly legal in all of the 50 states and is sold in more than 40 countries simply because of its healing capabilities.

It should be noted that if you do live where CBD oil is distilled from marijuana plants and it is however legal, keep in mind that this is not the correct oil to be administered to your beloved dog. And there are elevated levels of THC which has been known to be extremely toxic to your dogs, so be sure that you give them the variant from hemp plants!

In addition, due to word of mouth and actual results, there are several new brands being developed, however, they don’t meet the correct standards of CBD oil that you want to administer to your dog. Simply put, you get what you pay for. And, you will find brands cheaper than Honest Paws but, in this case, you’re doing your dog an injustice with an inferior quality. Hence, they may not fully reap the benefits of CBD oil.

CBD Oil Dosage For Dogs

As we already know, CBD is safe to use on both you and your dogs, however, an exact dosage is still to be determined, and, most CBD products have a recommended dosage on the package. Although, the weight and size of your dog determines the correct dosage. When introducing your dog to CBD oil, we recommend that you do so in small amounts such as half the dosage. Don’t worry though, your dog will still reap all the benefits from this amount and it is still highly efficient.

CBD Dog Treats

Once your dog has adjusted to having CBD hemp oil in their diet, you can consider various methods of administering CBD to them while they get the same benefits. Dogs can readily enjoy and reap the benefits from CBD insused dog treats. And, we highly recommend CBD peanut butter flavored treats since dogs enjoy the taste of peanut butter. In addition, this can be a great treat for getting your fussy eaters to attain the benefits of CBD.

The Side Effects Of CBD

Owners should be sure to monitor how their dogs react to CBD when firstly introduced. Even though it is non-toxic and all natural, little or no side effects exist. However, symptoms shown in humans have not occurred in dogs in any way. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your dogs, so be sure to keep a close eye on them when getting them acquainted.


With all that said, just like you, we want the best for your furry friend, and we know how hard it is when it comes to choosing a product and being sure. And, even when you do your best, sometimes bumps along the way still arise and we know how stressful this can be, however, we are fortunate to be living in this age and to have new and continued developments into modern medicine. As we conclude, we are more than pleased to have been able to share and enlighten you on the wonders to be had by CBD hemp oil. So, before allowing your dog to use CBD hemp oil, pay your trusted veterinarian a visit with any concerns and questions that you may have, you furry friend will thank you very much!

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