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The black leaf bong is made by a German maker and well known for its efficiency. This company has a stellar reputation that it has built up over time. As well as producing high quality and efficient glass bongs they have managed to do so while keeping prices extremely affordable. These pieces are very well made and even a novice will find them easy to use. They’re also easy to store and to clean which is a very important aspect of owning one of these products.

A very famous company called Near Dark was the parent company and this was one of its branches. Near Dark is a global distributor and famous in their own right. They are owned by Ernst Meerbeck.Mr. Meerbeck recognized the increasing popularity of glass bongs and was able to capitalize on the growing demand for them. He is definitely one of the leaders in the production of quality glass bongs.

Popular Black Leaf Bongs

One of the bongs in the lineup that are part of the black leaf line includes the beaker base 6. This is one of the more affordable pieces and can be picked up for less than $85. It produces a crisp and clean smoke and the bong itself is 15 inches high. Its simple design can fool many into thinking that it’s too basic. But once a user experiences it they find that it produces great smoking sessions. When compared to competitors it is considered to be one of the best in its price range.

Anyone who uses a glass bong that doesn’t have percolation will probably find the beaker base 6 to be a great smoking device. In fact, the cannabis smoker will almost certainly find that this tool provides a very different experience from the others they have used previously. This bong will make it possible to take in longer and smoother hits.

How Are Black Leaf Bongs Superior To Most Other Brands?

The tree perc with this device allows for better diffusion. This bong will stop water from getting in your mouth by the use of its splash guard that’s found on top. Almost anyone who has regularly smoked from a bong has had the experience of having water get into their mouth.It is something that is inevitable with many bongs.

One thing to consider with the black leaf bong is the fact that it is made for experienced users. To get the best result with this device you’ll need to correctly understand water levels if you want to achieve the absolute best results. This means for less experienced users it will take time to get used to it yet. If a person is impatient they may get frustrated. It has been our experience that if the water is just below the down stem it will provide the best smoking experience. This means that the water in the chamber itself has to be just above the last slit at the top. This will allow you to get the most efficiency.

How To Clean Your Bongs?

To clean the bong it will require alcohol and salt. This device uses several chambers and this means it’s not as easy to clean. You will want to get the resin out of all the chambers. Our experience has shown us that it’s better to clean the base first and then move to the different chambers.

When you go to empty the water from the bong you’ll usually see a little water remain in the chambers. To get rid of this will mean turning it upside down several times to get all the water out. After doing so you will then use salt in the base of the unit and all the way to all of the different chambers. You will then add some alcohol at the top of the base and then you should shake it. Pour out all of the dirty water and put in the added effort to get the water completely out of the different chambers.

Where to find Black Leaf Bongs?

You’ll find this bong online and it’s listed between the beaker bongs and the cylinder water. The other models made by this company are easier to clean and easier to keep looking good. Any of the bongs offered by Black Leaf will be great but the experienced smokers will likely enjoy some of the other bongs offered such as the one mentioned above.

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