Best Bongs Of 2019

Regular weed smokers like to consume their THC with the best quality glass bong, and anyone familiar with it knows there are hundreds or perhaps thousands of manufacturers. Glass bongs are fairly new to the Western world but bongs themselves have been used for smoking weed for hundreds of years. Some examples of this are bamboo pipes found in Africa as well as pipes made from horns and other types that go all the way back to the 13th century. Bamboo bongs were very prominent in Asia during the Middle Ages and were used in places such as Thailand and Hong Kong.

Cannabis Has Been Consumed Using Bongs Since The 13th Century

Bongs of different types have been used in Europe since the 18th century and came to America a century later. Beginning in the 1970s the hippie glass-blowing movement began and was followed by bongs made of glass which became popular for smoking cannabis. There was even the first patent filed in the United States for one of the glass bong creations.

Cannabis purests are now in hot pursuit of the best glass-blowing artist for one of a kind glass bongs. This popularity has led to some fantastically gorgeous pieces and some are even said to be so beautiful that the owner is reluctant to tarnish it with resin. Here we will take a closer look at several unique pieces that we think are among the best bongs of their kind on the market today. To make our choices we considered several factors including price and convenience along with unique artistry. We considered these things to provide our recommendations for the best overall value.

What Are The Major Differences Between Bongs?

We think it’s helpful to take a look at what bongs are exactly and what their variations and differences are between the different styles that are available. Anyone who thinks they’re all alike is a novice. There are many variations in bongs, and some of them have a huge impact in the quality of your cannabis rip.

  • Height
  • Air-Flow Mechanism
  • Glass Thickness
  • Type Of Glass
  • Percolation

The height of the glass bong, as well as its size and shape, will have a significant impact on how it smokes and how that smoke goes through the water chamber into the tube. The size of the bowl, as well as the stem, play a significant role in how smoke flows.

Description Of A Glass Bong

A percolator bong has a glass filter that is suspended in the water chamber. The filter is used to break up the bubbles and helps spread them out evenly which results in the smoke being better circulated through the water. The bubbles that are created to filter out toxins along with cooling the smoke.

A bong called the bubbler is a hybrid pipe. This is made to be portable and comes with a water chamber that drops down and it’s used to filter and cool the smoke. It’s necessary with this bong that you don’t draw too hard because you could pull in and consequently swallow some water.

Anyone who wants something really cheap can go with a mini bong. They are as small as 6 inches in height and they can be purchased for as little as $60. These bongs are cheaper because they are made of very thin glass and they often break easily.

Scientific bongs are made from borosilicate that is laboratory-grade. Because these are very strong they’re also more expensive and they are heat resistant. You can get these in a basic straight tube or you can get a more complex bong that is uniquely crafted. Some come with bent mouthpieces.

Who Most Commonly Uses A Glass Bong?

Bongs are considered devices for serious cannabis smokers basically because they’re more expensive than other devices that could be used. Often collectors are willing to spend a significant amount of money for pieces that are very unique, like the JP Toro. Some people feel that their choice of bong shows their personality and is, therefore, a very important choice when selecting. Some of these bong owners will even give special names to their bong.

Anyone who wants to smoke cannabis and has the ability to spend more can get a much better smoking session by using one of these bongs. Some of these devices such as a Roor can improve the potency of this herb as well as allowing for more efficient inhalation and some think it’s even healthier. This means that even though the glass bong is more pricey you end up getting much more for it.

Anyone who has only just started smoking weed may not want to jump into the big investment of a glass bong. Instead, it might be a good choice to try an acrylic or wooden bong to see how much they like it before laying down a great deal more cash for a high-end, handcrafted piece. These other types of bongs will be much less than a glass bong but they are also more difficult to clean. As the bong builds up with residue it will likely tarnish the flavor the user experiences when smoking.

The Most Popular Heady Glass

1. Joe P – Heady Glass Master

Mr. Joe P Glass is an Instagram celebrity artist who stuns the crowd with virtually every new creation he releases. We don’t know exactly who imbued him with this talents, but he continues to harness the brightest colors and technical glass blowing techniques to put out figuring type heady glass bongs.

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