The best society would be a group of people who want to create a self sustaining, perpetual society that increases its knowledge in technology through time and space. The society would be formed from the beginning to create enough food and water for the people.

The amount of citizen held farmland would increase and also apartment buildings will create plots of land for the residents to grow their crops on. Creating crops that produce a complete protein will be key to our sustainability.

Quinoa is chosen instead of rice in some people’s diets because the quinoa is a complete protein, while rice is not. The society will consume less meat based products and they will consume the most nutritious plants.

Each community will have their farmland as well. Each community will have farmland and each community will not have more available housing than necessary farmland to feed the community.

The communities will have a a target number of allowed births in a sense to attempt to regulate new births until enough farmland is created and sustaining an ever growing abundance of food.

If we watch the countries of China and India, then we can see how they handle their large populations of people.